The End

I never thought that much about my dear behind

Until it started hurting and a doctor it did find

So now I sit and wonder as I travel through this bout

If it ever will  forgive me for ever having doubt

That it is so damn useful in oh so many ways

Dreaming of the sweeter and way more kinder days

When I could sit down on a chair and not feel any pain

And dance and splash through puddles in any happy rain

So dear behind forgive me for taking you for granted

And get me up from this darn couch on which I’m firmly planted!



beautiful breezes

Just looking through my facebook page

People complaining ’bout the overcast day

Don’t know what the fuss is over

Great day for layin’ in a bed of clover

Love the cool breeze as it washes my skin

Opened the windows and let the fresh air in

Wrote this little ditty just to say

Thank you Lord for this beautiful day

The Thief

When death knocked at her door it wasn’t polite.

It didn’t wait for her to open the door and welcome it in.

It broke open the locks, ran up the stairs and took her.

There will be no justice for this thief, only for her.

God’s beautiful angel…so precious in his sight.

Be back soon, time to swoon

Oh my, oh my, oh my!!!  Very freakin’ busy am I.

Hope to be back blogging soon ~ This time of year might make me swoon.

They screwed up my paycheck ~ then screwed up the loan

That covered the paycheck ~ that won’t keep me home

Oh damn, oh damn, oh damn!!! So crazy-like dizzy I am.

Thanks for all you support and love ~ Really am gonna try to catch up!

Everyone has been so nice to me in the world of bloggers.  I will be back and drop in whenever I can.  Working two jobs and getting ready for the holiday keeps me very very busy.  Also, I have been trying to dump a little more creativity into my job.  See you all soon and hope to catch up on your blogs….gotta go catch a little sleep.  Thanks to everyone for being so supportive.  =)


Here I’m bustling once again,

Wish I had a “cleaning friend”.

One who hates my house this way

And thinks that cleaning is child’s play.

A domestic goddess I am not.

Look I made one clean spot!

My house is not “neat as a pin”

I never know where to begin.

I flutter around from room to room.

Cleaning fairies, please get here soon!



Train wreck, one dead body.

Other’s injured, one destroyed.

People screaming, one can’t hear.

Survivor’s mourning, one can’t cry.

No more pain, no more panic.

Only one buried.

Another miracle?