I am lost

What do you do when a young man comes up

to you and tells you he has been in a gang for

over 6 years and wants out, is only 18 and

fears retaliation for a summer of

foolishness?  I have already lost one of my

students to this same gang.  I lost him to

a life time in prison.  And now my heart

breaks for this sweet baby. I am so lost…


(no title)

Sleepless nights, the mind bends.

A cherub dies, broken wings cannot fly.

Trapped in life’s conventions, choked to death.

With one last breath, she sighs good-bye.


Who will mourn? Do you bury an angel?

Doves fly above and a rainbow arrives.

Not a cloud in the sky and the sun is shining.

Perhaps no one has noticed…a gentle rain falls.