So….the rain begins last night…run, close the windows on the side of the house where the rain is blowing in…one gutter flowing over the side like a waterfall (no trees anywhere near that one…huh?)…John puts on a raincoat, grabs a ladder and clears it out. He is soaked and my hero. He has fixed a house where the basement leaked for years and is not going to let one gutter ruin that. Love it!

All is quiet and the down pour begins. Resting on the couch, playing games on my phone when not watching the amazing lightning storm and wind-gusting-rain. And then, the unthinkable…wait for it….our 65 pound dog has to go out REALLY BAD! (John is taking an online tax class and can’t rescue me or the dog) So, I brave the weather, he does his business and I think all is right with the world. NOPE!

Oh no, he is pacing again. Put on my soaking wet sneakers, hoodie and run him out again….CRASH ~ FLASH…he bolts for the door! I take off my gear and sit down only I don’t bother to put up the foot rest on the recliner this time. Sure enough…pacing, pacing, pacing. I am afraid this storm has loosened our dog’s grip. I am determined not to go back out. What to do? What to do? Got it! Our 12 pounder (little Sweetie dog) has a tether off the side porch…HOPE IT WORKS!!!! … success! The dogs spends what seems like an eternity outside but what was probably about 7 minutes total. All better! And we have both survived a stormy crisis and I have avoided a clean-up crisis! Woo Hoo!


No tinsel!

Another busy day…Work in the A.M. , Home Instruction tutoring, drive home, grab a pb&j, feed and walk the dogs, type up a quiz, stop and blog, then it is back to work for parent-teacher conferences. Hmmmm….should I peel and cut the apples for the apple sauce tonight?  It does taste better after it sits for a couple of days….just like Thanksgiving left overs (but don’t let them stay around long ~ especially the gravy!)

Many years ago my sister and I lived together with her daughter.  Her husband was on the road with a band.  We were such hipsters!  We tried being vegetarians.  It wasn’t a moral decision, just a shot at eating healthy.  Maybe because the little one was in the house. We cooked everything fresh. It was a ton of work cutting all of those vegetables and getting them down.  I was not much of a vegetable eater…I am still limited.

Anyway, by Thanksgiving it was turkey time. After that we took a road trip to Vermont to see my sister’s hubby.  It was only for a couple of days.  After a long drive back home, that Turkey sure looked good.  We did what many folks do ~ we ate the left over turkey.  I put the gravy on mine…my sister opted not to.  My sister is a wise wise woman!  To be kind to those with weak stomachs, let’s just say I was sick for days.  Someone running me over with a tank would have been preferable.

I don’t know what my boss was thinking but he must have thought I was just playing hooky from work.  My sister and I worked together and I think she stayed home with me.  I was the walking dead.  So….this “lovely” boss of ours stops by and says something insanely intelligent like, “Oh, you really are sick.  You look like shit.”  What a poor choice of words at the time. He didn’t offer any words of kindness or even offer to run to the store.  The only running he did was out the door!  I was grateful.

I don’t know what made me think of that story other than the fact that the holiday is upon us.  I really do have many fond memories of Thanksgiving.  It was always one of my favorite holidays to enjoy with the family.  No gifts, no tinsel…just family, good food and counting our blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  =-)