So….the rain begins last night…run, close the windows on the side of the house where the rain is blowing in…one gutter flowing over the side like a waterfall (no trees anywhere near that one…huh?)…John puts on a raincoat, grabs a ladder and clears it out. He is soaked and my hero. He has fixed a house where the basement leaked for years and is not going to let one gutter ruin that. Love it!

All is quiet and the down pour begins. Resting on the couch, playing games on my phone when not watching the amazing lightning storm and wind-gusting-rain. And then, the unthinkable…wait for it….our 65 pound dog has to go out REALLY BAD! (John is taking an online tax class and can’t rescue me or the dog) So, I brave the weather, he does his business and I think all is right with the world. NOPE!

Oh no, he is pacing again. Put on my soaking wet sneakers, hoodie and run him out again….CRASH ~ FLASH…he bolts for the door! I take off my gear and sit down only I don’t bother to put up the foot rest on the recliner this time. Sure enough…pacing, pacing, pacing. I am afraid this storm has loosened our dog’s grip. I am determined not to go back out. What to do? What to do? Got it! Our 12 pounder (little Sweetie dog) has a tether off the side porch…HOPE IT WORKS!!!! … success! The dogs spends what seems like an eternity outside but what was probably about 7 minutes total. All better! And we have both survived a stormy crisis and I have avoided a clean-up crisis! Woo Hoo!


being a mom

I sucked in many ways as a mom.  I know because my daughters have pointed it out on occasion (proving karma is a b****) There are brutishly honest like their momma. I have carried this guilt for many years and it has dug away at my very soul.  Recently, I lost a friend of mine.  She had a beautiful spirit and died of a horrible disease that destroyed her brain.

My eldest daughter who lives two hours away called me.  She was at a loss for words and just kept repeating I am sorry and I love you.

My youngest attended the funeral with me. She held my hand as I walked up to the casket and said my good-byes.


Maybe I didn’t suck so badly after all.

The Thief

When death knocked at her door it wasn’t polite.

It didn’t wait for her to open the door and welcome it in.

It broke open the locks, ran up the stairs and took her.

There will be no justice for this thief, only for her.

God’s beautiful angel…so precious in his sight.

Just Say NO!!!

I am home alone today…can’t you tell?  I actually have had time to write.  I was reading and enjoying other people’s blogs. While reading “Joyfullystated” she mentioned that members of her family will not be there because people shop on Thanksgiving.  Really??? Is it that sad that we cannot have a holiday without it becoming a major shopping event?

JUST SAY NO!!!!   Tell the retailers that you do not want them forcing people to either arrange their dinners around a store’s schedules or cause family members to miss out completely.  Since when is shopping more important than family?  DON’T SHOP, DON’T SHOP, DON’T SHOP, DON’T SHOP….PLEASE  PLEASE  PLEASE….DON’T SHOP!!!

My family is pretty well spread out so we don’t get together on Thanksgiving.  I think this is a go-to-the-inlaws-holiday for some. I go to my honey’s family get together. It is always fun and I am grateful that I was readily accepted and loved by his family. Then, I have a little (about 15-20 people) get together at my home Christmas Eve …which started at my Dad’s request because his apartment was too small.  Every year I swear it is the last year but the tradition continues.  I thought this was going to be my sister’s job…silly me, I had to be the social butterfly of the family.

I am so thankful for all that I have been blessed with in my life.  I have even reached a season where I am thankful for all of the mistakes I have made.  There are still things I wish never happened, things that make me sad but we survive…for that, I am thankful…very thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings to All

and remember




Another day to relax

So…here we are again.  I had a ton of things I needed to do…work on lesson plans, laundry, cleaning and the like.

I did manage to do the laundry…well, some of it anyway.  I don’t want to offend and I never want to be in an accident without clean underwear.  God forbid!   If they are cutting off my clothes then my underwear would be of little consequence but still I could say I had on clean panties…”What if you are in a car accident?” …mammas words go through your head and the wash is done!

I brought into the house all of the paperwork I have to do for my job…I may taken it for another car ride.  My papers and books have had rides in all kinds of weather: sunny, raining, sleet, hail, snow.  You name it, they have experienced it. And they have been all over New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania.  Not exactly the world travelers.

I cleaned off the kitchen table so I could get busy and then…”Hey, are you going to the antique store with me?  You did say you would help me bring in the new items and take out some of the old.  Plus, I sell more when you rearrange our spots.”  So, I closed my office door, hopped into the truck and away I went.  I didn’t hear any complaints from the paperwork so it must be okay. Nice thing about paperwork, it never feels neglected.  Good thing because that is one of my bad habits ~neglecting paperwork.

Lots of fun rearranging stuff.  “Hey, now I won’t know if anyone steals things but it looks great! By the way, I moved the cows so people could see into the show case.”  I put so much thought into arranging those plastic cows (they are from the 50’s ~ like kids played with plastic horses, we have some plastic cows for sale).  Anyway, I explained my theory behind the cows and they are now grazing on the show case once again.  They just had to graze a little further over to the left.

Hung up the stain glass windows, moved the depression glass, moved the antique toys (center stage), the ceramic table looks great with the orange glasses and pitcher I put on it along with John F. Kennedy’s book “Words to Remember” (I think I got the name right), grouped the unique cigarette lighters together and put the tools, car paraphernalia on top of the wicker breakfast-in-bed tray.  Maybe someone will take the hint. I wondered around the store and looked at the other booths, chatted with my friend and we left for home.

Here I am.  Sitting at my computer with that paperwork staring at me, beckoning me, crying for attention.  It doesn’t know how strong willed I can be.  Time to go have fun…just my baby and me.

My sister


My best friend

The one who feels my pain

The one who loves my faults

My confidant

The one who knows my secrets

The one who never tells

My protector

The one who is always there

The one who would battle for me

My heart

The one who cracks me up

The one I miss the most.

My sister…

The one.