Bio: I am a bit flighty some times and my world becomes one big tangent. This probably makes it difficult for the people I work with to "get me." They are organized and detailed. I fly by the seat of my pants, am not very organized and I hate paperwork of any kind. Kind of ironic since I am a teacher. I enjoy doing community service but I have never been "ordered" to do it. hahahaha I live with my honey (who has asked not even to be mentioned on here so I will say no more about him) We have 2 dogs. I have two daughters, 3 siblings. quite a few friends but only a few who I am very close to. I would like to travel more than I do. I am ready for some changes in geographical location but that gets complicated so I remain living where I am. But, the day will come. My sister and I are two of the funniest people we ever met...just ask us. We are also the best of friends. I love looking at photos, don't listen to music much, like to read other people's poetry and would like to find more time to write more of my own. So...here I am. =-)

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