It’s been forever.

Occasionally, I still find the time to sneak a peek at all of the wonderful blogs on here.

My update:  My boyfriend and I each owned a home when we met.  He moved down here to be with me and his sister stayed in his house.  Sadly, she passed away quite suddenly and unexpectedly.  We have been trying to financially support two households for the past year and a half while his niece remained in the home.

A new day is approaching:  We are cleaning, spackling, painting and doing a lot of work to get the house ready for us.  This means we are about to do the same to my home to get it ready to sell.  Recently, I have been home while John is at the other house and my job is to discard what is no longer needed.

This sometimes means getting rid of things that are purely in my home for sentimental reasons.  It is not an easy task and is a bit overwhelming.  As I get older, these items help to keep my memories fresh but I just cannot take it all with me. (Less storage at the other house…no basement…ugh!)  So, I have decided to take pictures of the things that I must part with.  This is not to say that certain items that I treasure will not follow me.  There are just some things (like artwork my daughters made as children) that will come along.  They will be framed and hung in my home.

Work to still finish:  So, I carry on and try to take one room at a time.  I have the attention span of a goldfish some days so I swim from room to room.  Either way, it is getting done.

I thank you all that I may look upon the creativity and beauty you post when I need a break.

God Bless and I hope to return again to write.


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