I am lost

What do you do when a young man comes up

to you and tells you he has been in a gang for

over 6 years and wants out, is only 18 and

fears retaliation for a summer of

foolishness?  I have already lost one of my

students to this same gang.  I lost him to

a life time in prison.  And now my heart

breaks for this sweet baby. I am so lost…


7 thoughts on “I am lost

  1. Is there a special gang task force in the VPD or NJSP that could give you professional guidance? This seems way too big to tackle on your own.

    • It is truly heartbreaking. I have been helping this sweet young man gain independence as much as I can. He is such a beautiful soul. I did find two young men who went through the same experience and have started their own company and broken free. Their company is all about healthy life style and choices. They also do speaking engagements to promote a healthy life ~ physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am currently away from work on medical leave but will let him know that he may contact them if he wishes to. I couldn’t go through the police program because I could put a target on his back plus he knows about it and has to make his own decisions. He is already looking for somewhere else to live. If you are a praying man, please keep him in your prayers. If not, please send positivity his way. Thanks Baldy. You are a gem! =-)

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