Business as usual…can’t keep a good woman down!

Well, another school year has begun.  I have been a Special Ed. English teacher for almost 13 years.  Last year, someone thought that  it would be a good idea for me to teach electives (politics at work).  So, I began teaching a course called Succeeding in the World of Work (which we just call Success at Work…easier to say).  The other is one year but two courses:  Financial Literacy/Digital Technology.  Okay, so I can teach the financial literacy but it isn’t much fun no matter how hard I try.  The Digital Technology is fun but I suck at technology.  Fortunately, I am only teaching one class of it.   Now, here is the challenge:  How does one teach a computer course without computers?  It’s easy, I project mine on the Smart Board…hahahhaaa…The same thing happened last year so I taught Financial Literacy first.

The regular ed. teachers had a conniption.  “You can’t do that, they need Excel to do Financial Literacy!!!”  NOT IN MY WORLD THEY DON’T.   My students have no plans of using Excel to do their budget.  I know this because when I taught it to them the second half of the year and tied it into what they learned in Financial Literacy they made comments such as, “What a pain in the ass this is!  (yes, they said ass) Why would I ever do all of this?  It just seems like more work than necessary (work smart, not hard,…smart kids I’d say).  Can we do a fun project now?”  And that is what we did…A FUN PROJECT!!!

Most of my students are seniors and took the elective because it sounded like fun…not the financial part…that just sounded necessary.  I kinda liked flipping it around so that we had a ton of fun learning when everyone gets into Spring mode (which gets earlier every year).

Sooooooo….I have started off with Internet Safety.  blah, blah, blah I am hoping that the computers will be up and running soon.  Our tech man is a maniac and can fix anything.  He just has too many things to fix. And…surprise, surprise, they wouldn’t give him summer hours to get the job done. Our school houses 200 working adults and about 1400 usually working students.  Every classroom has a least one computer and then there are the labs (Oh…did I mention that my lab is a cart of laptops unlike the regular ed classes?), the media center and the offices.  That poor man.

That means, the question still remains, can I teach a digital class without computers…that remains to be seen but I am trying my darnedest. If not, I will be that salmon swimming upstream once again…flip-flopping my course around and loving the astonished look of the other digi-teachers who think it is sacrilegious of me to go against the curriculum.  Lighten up, close the door and JUST TEACH!     I love my job!  (And I am not being sarcastic)  No day feels like work.  Do what you love, love what you do!  (My cliche for the day)  =)

p.s.  Please pardon any typos or grammatical errors.  After all, I am just thinking out loud.


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