Be back soon, time to swoon

Oh my, oh my, oh my!!!  Very freakin’ busy am I.

Hope to be back blogging soon ~ This time of year might make me swoon.

They screwed up my paycheck ~ then screwed up the loan

That covered the paycheck ~ that won’t keep me home

Oh damn, oh damn, oh damn!!! So crazy-like dizzy I am.

Thanks for all you support and love ~ Really am gonna try to catch up!

Everyone has been so nice to me in the world of bloggers.  I will be back and drop in whenever I can.  Working two jobs and getting ready for the holiday keeps me very very busy.  Also, I have been trying to dump a little more creativity into my job.  See you all soon and hope to catch up on your blogs….gotta go catch a little sleep.  Thanks to everyone for being so supportive.  =)


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