Here I’m bustling once again,

Wish I had a “cleaning friend”.

One who hates my house this way

And thinks that cleaning is child’s play.

A domestic goddess I am not.

Look I made one clean spot!

My house is not “neat as a pin”

I never know where to begin.

I flutter around from room to room.

Cleaning fairies, please get here soon!



2 thoughts on “SATURDAYS

  1. Send their cleaning fairy friends my way! Fast!

    With the cabinets and drawers being refaced two days before Thanksgiving, I’m not sure when I am supposed to clean, shop and cook.

    I know the house is new, but they gave me the wrong handles and drawer pulls – and the spacing is one-half inch different between the wrong ones and the ones I picked out. Two days before Thanksgiving? At least they are finally getting it done.

    Plus, I have been pretty down and out with this stupid cold and sore throat. Thankfully, only laid up in bed one full day with a fever. The good news is, I haven’t had to cook or clean. The bad news is, I haven’t had anything decent to eat and my house doesn’t have one clean spot – unless you count the dishes in the cabinets. The dishes are clean 🙂

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon. Sucks to be sick, especially around holidays. Oh, and, MOST of my dishes are clean. My office is now free of most of the clutter, and you can see the top of my kitchen table. hahaha

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