Just Say NO!!!

I am home alone today…can’t you tell?  I actually have had time to write.  I was reading and enjoying other people’s blogs. While reading “Joyfullystated” she mentioned that members of her family will not be there because people shop on Thanksgiving.  Really??? Is it that sad that we cannot have a holiday without it becoming a major shopping event?

JUST SAY NO!!!!   Tell the retailers that you do not want them forcing people to either arrange their dinners around a store’s schedules or cause family members to miss out completely.  Since when is shopping more important than family?  DON’T SHOP, DON’T SHOP, DON’T SHOP, DON’T SHOP….PLEASE  PLEASE  PLEASE….DON’T SHOP!!!

My family is pretty well spread out so we don’t get together on Thanksgiving.  I think this is a go-to-the-inlaws-holiday for some. I go to my honey’s family get together. It is always fun and I am grateful that I was readily accepted and loved by his family. Then, I have a little (about 15-20 people) get together at my home Christmas Eve …which started at my Dad’s request because his apartment was too small.  Every year I swear it is the last year but the tradition continues.  I thought this was going to be my sister’s job…silly me, I had to be the social butterfly of the family.

I am so thankful for all that I have been blessed with in my life.  I have even reached a season where I am thankful for all of the mistakes I have made.  There are still things I wish never happened, things that make me sad but we survive…for that, I am thankful…very thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings to All

and remember





6 thoughts on “Just Say NO!!!

  1. I remember when this all started. It was when the Blue Laws were taken off the books. Yay, we can shop on Sunday. I wonder what affect that has had on the church. Now it is like a snowball rolling down Mt. Everest; picking up speed, growing bigger and bigger, taking everything in its wake.

    Honestly, is shopping that important? Haven’t these people heard of online shopping? They don’t have to run out in the middle of dinner. They can shop whenever they want.

  2. It is soooo bazaar. They are opening stores in the evening to start “Black Friday” one day early. Kind of kills the meaning of Black Friday. There really are so many other days to shop.

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