speaking in public

Well, here I am and it isn’t even 7am. I am up and it is my day off.

I have a public speaking engagement…Ugh!

Why did I agree to this?

What do I wear?

What was I thinking?

Seven minutes seemed such a short time…it ISN”T!!!

Will my voice crack like a 12 year old boys?

How do I sum up the last 3 years?

What is my role as the Interact Club Adviser?

It takes on so many paths that I may sound like I am rambling (which I do well) and jumping all over the place like a frightened bunny trying to find a place to hide from the fox and the hound.

I can’t seem to organize my thoughts. hahahaha…the filing cabinet I call a brain has papers and remnants of days gone by all jammed in there waiting for a drawer to fly open.

I don’t want to embarrass the Rotary Adviser, she has such confidence in me. What was SHE thinking?  Doesn’t she know I ramble and ramble and ramble and find tangents in a straight line?

Will what I say make a difference?

Will anyone care?  I can’t remember the fun stories…I am drawing a blank!  Stage fright at its finest. I feel like I am in the dream where I will get up to speak and find I am naked.  I feel naked!

There are so many people attending that they changed the venue. EEEEEK!

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…where is “The Little Engine that Could” book when I need it? (okay, so I probably could recite it by heart)

Taking a deep breath (deeper, no deeper, a little deeper) Do NOT hyperventilate!  I am not giving birth…just speaking to a group of Rotarians who are, by nature, supportive and kind.

I can do this…

I know I can, I know I can, I know I can.


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