ABC Poem: Remember the lost poets

To all writers everywhere. I just had to share. =)

Bastet and Sekhmet's Library

ABC Poem

Remember The Lost poets

Always thinking about them.
Beautiful poets that they were.
Curiously, I’m thinking back,
Daring my mind to move foreward.
Eventide will soon be here.
Future stories may not be written,
Glorious tales may go untold…alas,
How lonely the world is without them.
I didn’t know how much they meant to me.
Just reading their words was pure delight.
Knowing that they read mine, inspired me!
Longinly I think of them,
Memories though fond, are not enough,
Numb I sit sometimes for hours…
Onwards, I know I must go,
Proud or humble it doesn’t matter.
Quietly I bow my head and say to you:
Remember my beloved ones and others who are now gone…
Save our happiest memories…
Thank fate for the time we had, though brief,
Unwanting, to lose their inspired gift,
Veiled minds will lose verses yet to be sung,
Write with renewed…

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