Lessons in IPads and Google

Today, I sat in two workshops…No school for the students today.  I am proud of our district.  They decided to close the school to the students when people are voting.  STRANGER DANGER is not just being taught but being backed up with action.  Yay!

The first workshop was dizzying.  The woman spoke so fast that it made me anxious.  She was speed clicking here and there on her computer which was projected onto a smart board. I think the smart board almost passed out!  What a whirling dervish.  I never had a chance to look up to see what she instructed us to click on because by the time I got to one place she had flown off to another.  So….I just played around on the computer. To her credit…she did give us a few really cool sites to use.  Those I managed to write down the old fashioned way with my trusty pen and paper.  I never want to see an IPad again.

Workshop one done and one to go.  I ran home to let my dogs out during the lunch break between workshops…they were soooo happy to see me.  It might have been because they had to pee but I like to believe that they love me unconditionally.

Dogs done…now more fun.

The second workshop was a WINNER!   Yay!  I learned a ton of things about Google + and how to use it.  Not an expert but I have a good foundation. Yep, our school uses Google…don’t know how much of my things are public but I have nothing to hide…at least not in the last few years.  wink wink I have mellowed with age.  Thank God there weren’t computers when I was younger.  I may not be teaching right now.

I am glad there is no one who has ever followed me around with a video camera, a tape recorder or a cell phone set to camera/video.  I don’t know if I would like myself very much some days and I would not want to be reminded of what a mess I was at times and what a mess I had caused for others.  What an endless nightmare if some rewound all of the times in life that we screwed up. I prefer to remember the many times I got it right but mistakes haunt me.  I hope I have learned lessons from them and that I am not stuck on rewind and repeat.

Tomorrow is a new day, a new chance, a new adventure…bring it on!



2 thoughts on “Lessons in IPads and Google

  1. So, I am guessing you will not become part of the Apple Cult 🙂

    Google – Nothing to hide. I just don’t like sharing with the world unless I want to. I think FB makes your timeline public now. Oh, social media makes me dizzy!

    Yes, thank God, no cameras were following me around when I was younger. Oh, I have hit replay one too many times. Hit the stop button! Do not be haunted by your past.

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