Another day of learning and rambling

Got up earlier than I needed to.

Workshop day for me as I learn to be a better educator.  It is an on-going process.  I could be crawling out of bed as I speak but NOOOOOOO…I woke up my usual time…5:30am!  I watched a centipede running along my radiator as my eyes came into focus.  EWWWWW!  They creep me out along with crickets and slugs…ants aren’t my favorite either.  But, nothing beats the mosquitoes we had this year.  BLOOD SUCKERS ALL!  I can’t say that I will mind their passing after the first good frost but it will also mean the end to my flowers.  Spring and fall are my favorite times of the year.  The colors are so beautiful.  Winter has begun to hurt my bones. BRRRRRRR  And summer brings on the hot flashes. HAHAHAHAHA  But…aging has its great moments.  Hopefully, I am no longer as gullible and I make better decisions after 50+ years.  UGGGGHH  Did I just say 50+???  Sounds weird to be that age.   I am not sure what it is supposed to feel like or look like but I am having fun with it.  Sadly, now I have to run: To my obligations, to my coworkers and to my dream come true.  I am a teacher.  YAY!


10 thoughts on “Another day of learning and rambling

  1. Creepy bugs! You know how I feel about them. I did get one mosquito bite when I visited. Stink bugs aren’t blood suckers, and I really hate them, too.

    5:30 UGH is right. Hope the workshop was worth it. 🙂

    • 5:30am is when I usually get up for work. I have to be at work a little after 7am. I could have slept in today but still woke up. Yuk! And HOW did I ever forget the stink bugs.
      I found one on John’s deodorant … how funny is that! I was cracking up.

    • Wow….that was crazy to watch. We get something called horn worms on our tomatoes every year and a braconid wasp does much the same thing to the pesky worms. The horn worms can destroy our plants. I am not sure that I can paste a picture of the worm with the larvae here. I don’t see a way to do it. hmmmm If nothing else I will leave it on my post for you to see. It will be called “For Sahm” hahahaha

  2. Nooooooo… I forgot it shows a previeeeeeeew! 😦 Well…there goes the surprise… Oh well. It’s 6 minutes and 42 seconds of insect awesomeness (on the wasp’s part).

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