Novice approach and thank you.

Still trying to learn all of the things I can do with this site.  I am not sure what the reader sees vs what I see.  Hopefully, there is now a sidebar with blogs I follow.  I am starting to find a little more time to get here and to join in the fun.

Thanks so much to those of you who read my stuff, follow me, etc.  I really do appreciate it.  I am enjoying reading many of your posts.  I found that I can “like” them even when I cannot post a comment….see, I am quite the novice.

Thanks again to everyone who has stopped by.


8 thoughts on “Novice approach and thank you.

  1. The sidebar is showing the blogs you follow! It took me awhile to figure out how to use everything and there’s still a few things I’m sure I haven’t discovered yet (and a bunch I’m probably doing wrong 😉 )

  2. Your blog is looking great! I love your writing, and I am so glad you are having fun 🙂

    Reader – I think I should use it more often. Since I self-host, that is a totally different log-in password for me than the one I use for my blog. I can’t reblog (I have to copy and paste). Every time I post a comment here or on any other WP blog, I must log in.

    You definitely have a side bar. Like what you’re doing.
    A suggestion for your side bar: copyright your stuff and add this:
    If you aren’t sure which license to pick, look around at other bloggers. Most use some form of CC license.

    I locked my stuff up tight. But, then, I unlocked, it. But, then I locked it again. I get dizzy trying to figure out what to do. I like to share, but since I am self-hosted, my interaction with WP is a different experience than yours. I don’t know when someone reblogs me. I accidentally found one of my posts out there on another blog – just a random wandering around looking at what other people are doing. ??????? I wish I was more decisive, more trusting, and a little less cynical.

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