Way too busy makes me dizzy!

I am having  a great time when I get the time to write.  I am trying to follow quite a few readers.  I am sorry if I don’t get to comment on many but I have so little time…2 jobs, 2 dogs, a club that I am advising (at least until mid-november) which does a ton of community service and then there is every day life.  I love my business most of the time but there is always the trade off of what is missed. 

There is a certain guilt that seems to come with not being able to respond as much as I would like.  But…I am sooooo enjoying reading the poetry and the thoughts of others and the many photos as well.  Thank you all so much for sharing your wonderful works.   I hope to find a little more time to write my own and to respond to the works of others.

So many amazingly talented people out there.

=) Lisa


2 thoughts on “Way too busy makes me dizzy!

  1. Don’t feel guilty over something that should be fun. Plus, the like button is always a good option if that is all you have time for – Here I go…

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