It’s been forever.

Occasionally, I still find the time to sneak a peek at all of the wonderful blogs on here.

My update:  My boyfriend and I each owned a home when we met.  He moved down here to be with me and his sister stayed in his house.  Sadly, she passed away quite suddenly and unexpectedly.  We have been trying to financially support two households for the past year and a half while his niece remained in the home.

A new day is approaching:  We are cleaning, spackling, painting and doing a lot of work to get the house ready for us.  This means we are about to do the same to my home to get it ready to sell.  Recently, I have been home while John is at the other house and my job is to discard what is no longer needed.

This sometimes means getting rid of things that are purely in my home for sentimental reasons.  It is not an easy task and is a bit overwhelming.  As I get older, these items help to keep my memories fresh but I just cannot take it all with me. (Less storage at the other house…no basement…ugh!)  So, I have decided to take pictures of the things that I must part with.  This is not to say that certain items that I treasure will not follow me.  There are just some things (like artwork my daughters made as children) that will come along.  They will be framed and hung in my home.

Work to still finish:  So, I carry on and try to take one room at a time.  I have the attention span of a goldfish some days so I swim from room to room.  Either way, it is getting done.

I thank you all that I may look upon the creativity and beauty you post when I need a break.

God Bless and I hope to return again to write.

The End

I never thought that much about my dear behind

Until it started hurting and a doctor it did find

So now I sit and wonder as I travel through this bout

If it ever will  forgive me for ever having doubt

That it is so damn useful in oh so many ways

Dreaming of the sweeter and way more kinder days

When I could sit down on a chair and not feel any pain

And dance and splash through puddles in any happy rain

So dear behind forgive me for taking you for granted

And get me up from this darn couch on which I’m firmly planted!


I am lost

What do you do when a young man comes up

to you and tells you he has been in a gang for

over 6 years and wants out, is only 18 and

fears retaliation for a summer of

foolishness?  I have already lost one of my

students to this same gang.  I lost him to

a life time in prison.  And now my heart

breaks for this sweet baby. I am so lost…


Soft gentle rain falling on my window pane.

Sweet smell of Spring deceiving Fall and all it brings.

Business as usual…can’t keep a good woman down!

Well, another school year has begun.  I have been a Special Ed. English teacher for almost 13 years.  Last year, someone thought that  it would be a good idea for me to teach electives (politics at work).  So, I began teaching a course called Succeeding in the World of Work (which we just call Success at Work…easier to say).  The other is one year but two courses:  Financial Literacy/Digital Technology.  Okay, so I can teach the financial literacy but it isn’t much fun no matter how hard I try.  The Digital Technology is fun but I suck at technology.  Fortunately, I am only teaching one class of it.   Now, here is the challenge:  How does one teach a computer course without computers?  It’s easy, I project mine on the Smart Board…hahahhaaa…The same thing happened last year so I taught Financial Literacy first.

The regular ed. teachers had a conniption.  “You can’t do that, they need Excel to do Financial Literacy!!!”  NOT IN MY WORLD THEY DON’T.   My students have no plans of using Excel to do their budget.  I know this because when I taught it to them the second half of the year and tied it into what they learned in Financial Literacy they made comments such as, “What a pain in the ass this is!  (yes, they said ass) Why would I ever do all of this?  It just seems like more work than necessary (work smart, not hard,…smart kids I’d say).  Can we do a fun project now?”  And that is what we did…A FUN PROJECT!!!

Most of my students are seniors and took the elective because it sounded like fun…not the financial part…that just sounded necessary.  I kinda liked flipping it around so that we had a ton of fun learning when everyone gets into Spring mode (which gets earlier every year).

Sooooooo….I have started off with Internet Safety.  blah, blah, blah I am hoping that the computers will be up and running soon.  Our tech man is a maniac and can fix anything.  He just has too many things to fix. And…surprise, surprise, they wouldn’t give him summer hours to get the job done. Our school houses 200 working adults and about 1400 usually working students.  Every classroom has a least one computer and then there are the labs (Oh…did I mention that my lab is a cart of laptops unlike the regular ed classes?), the media center and the offices.  That poor man.

That means, the question still remains, can I teach a digital class without computers…that remains to be seen but I am trying my darnedest. If not, I will be that salmon swimming upstream once again…flip-flopping my course around and loving the astonished look of the other digi-teachers who think it is sacrilegious of me to go against the curriculum.  Lighten up, close the door and JUST TEACH!     I love my job!  (And I am not being sarcastic)  No day feels like work.  Do what you love, love what you do!  (My cliche for the day)  =)

p.s.  Please pardon any typos or grammatical errors.  After all, I am just thinking out loud.

beautiful breezes

Just looking through my facebook page

People complaining ’bout the overcast day

Don’t know what the fuss is over

Great day for layin’ in a bed of clover

Love the cool breeze as it washes my skin

Opened the windows and let the fresh air in

Wrote this little ditty just to say

Thank you Lord for this beautiful day


So….the rain begins last night…run, close the windows on the side of the house where the rain is blowing in…one gutter flowing over the side like a waterfall (no trees anywhere near that one…huh?)…John puts on a raincoat, grabs a ladder and clears it out. He is soaked and my hero. He has fixed a house where the basement leaked for years and is not going to let one gutter ruin that. Love it!

All is quiet and the down pour begins. Resting on the couch, playing games on my phone when not watching the amazing lightning storm and wind-gusting-rain. And then, the unthinkable…wait for it….our 65 pound dog has to go out REALLY BAD! (John is taking an online tax class and can’t rescue me or the dog) So, I brave the weather, he does his business and I think all is right with the world. NOPE!

Oh no, he is pacing again. Put on my soaking wet sneakers, hoodie and run him out again….CRASH ~ FLASH…he bolts for the door! I take off my gear and sit down only I don’t bother to put up the foot rest on the recliner this time. Sure enough…pacing, pacing, pacing. I am afraid this storm has loosened our dog’s grip. I am determined not to go back out. What to do? What to do? Got it! Our 12 pounder (little Sweetie dog) has a tether off the side porch…HOPE IT WORKS!!!! … success! The dogs spends what seems like an eternity outside but what was probably about 7 minutes total. All better! And we have both survived a stormy crisis and I have avoided a clean-up crisis! Woo Hoo!